by Missy Marilyn

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landscape photography of trees


For you, like the tree, are in a constant and beautiful state of being and becoming. Being totally, wonderfully, you. And yet, constantly becoming, transforming, and growing.


The Winds of Nothing

I find myself in the middle of a certain season, and looking back, I can’t place exactly when the wind starting blowing. I know that I had a good stretch of nothing- nothing went wrong. Weekends were spent doing nothing. Nothing really to worry about. But my anxious mind can’t let good be good enough. …

clear glass with red sand grainer
Career Faith


Isn’t life funny sometimes? Tonight, I gave the best budget workshop of my career, at a higher level than I ever have, better than I ever have, and in a place that really needed it. I also never wanted to do it. I used to do this sort of thing, for a bigger company, for …