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Messy Minds

We do our best to keep a clean kitchen and house, but we ignore the piles and webs of emotions and trauma that clutter our spirit and are screaming to come out!!! “There is a time and season to everything under the sun,” tells me everything has a beginning and an end. Some things have …


The Winds of Nothing

I find myself in the middle of a certain season, and looking back, I can’t place exactly when the wind starting blowing. I know that I had a good stretch of nothing- nothing went wrong. Weekends were spent doing nothing. Nothing really to worry about. But my anxious mind can’t let good be good enough. …


Once Have I Seen A Cowboy Cry

Only once have I seen a cowboy cry. Laugh at his joke, and you might see a twinkle in his eye, Damsel in distress, you’ve never seen a cowboy stronger. Have words with anyone who’d try to wrong her. After a particularly bad day, You might hear a cowboy pray. Pay him a compliment, and …


Hello world!

This website was literally something I started ten years ago. I think that goes to prove three things: What is meant to be, will always be. I cannot help myself; I need to write. I really am a huge procrastinator! I had the idea to do something brave, so I decided to share some helpful …

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