landscape photography of trees

To my sisters… When I think of all the pretty things that Fall brings, I love you the most.

landscape photography of trees
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We should be more like the trees.

The tree just grows. It does not doubt itself, it just does what it knows, and that is grow.

As we live, we grow our leaves. We make a life, and it flourishes like our leaves. The way we dress, the way we feel, our thoughts and behaviors, the things we do, and the people we know.

As the trees grow through a season, they shed their leaves, like we let go of the things that don’t help us grow. Only, the trees don’t pick them back up.

The tree knows there is an end to every season. and the leaves have to fall so we can continue to grow. This is a part of life.

And so, we, too, should learn to let things go. The tree doesn’t say, “I’m so naked and alone…” or “…but do you know what that one cost me?” and pick back up its leaves… it just keeps on. Because in its veins, are already new blooms awaiting the Spring.

So, we should not pick back up our leaves. Yes, they cost us! Yes, we struggled for them. But let us not idolize our growing pains. Let us not hold them like a trophy. The tree, she outgrows her leaves. And so do we.

Tell me why we will do the work to lose the dead weight, only to pick back up our bad habits, unhealthy thoughts, pick back up our worries, pick back up our troubles and relive our pains. The tree doesn’t pick up its leaves from the ground and paste them back on; so, why do we?

What falls away, let it. Let your fears fall. Let your worries go. Let the expectations go. Cast your guilt and your pain away. Just away. The tree doesn’t chase every leaf that falls, because she knows she can make more.

More friends. More hobbies. A new job. A new relationship. A new life.

The tree has a hundred chances to recreate herself. Even losing everything, she rebuilds and comes back stronger. The tree can live a hundred lifetimes, this is her nature.

So, do not fear losing everything, little tree.

What we shed, let it go, and stand up straighter, becoming something new, and always keep growing.

For you, like the tree, are in a constant and beautiful state of being and becoming. Being totally, wonderfully, you. And yet, constantly becoming, transforming, and growing.

Just remember my darling, you are not your leaves; you are the tree.

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Missy Marilyn

Still working on it.