flowers marguerites destroyed dead

I understand that life can’t be a good day every day.

Some days, it’s all we can do to just get through it.

All you can do is hold your loved ones, hold them tight and never let them go.

Because at the end of the day, if you have someone to hold, it’s a good day.

Don’t you know we are all just hanging on by a string?

And we are just one brush away from death, all the time?

Don’t you know we keep our guardian angels busy?

And when death is closing in on you, all that matters is, did we love enough?

Did we do what we were meant to do? Did we keep our word? Were we helpful to others?

Did you shine a light? Did you sit with someone while they suffered? Did you bring laughter to someone on their darkest day? Did you tell them how much they mean to you?

Even the people who seem the happiest, could be carrying the most pain in their hearts.

So, all I can ask is just be kind, all the time. To others and to yourself.

Give yourself time and space to get through the hard stuff.

There is no other.

When we go, what will we leave behind? What have we done that will outlast us?

Did we breathe music into the air? Did we plant love in every heart? Did we bear much fruit?

We will be remembered by the good we put into the world, and by the lives that we touch; for they will be the ones to tell our story.

We run around, chasing dreams, cramming schedules, and trying to make ends meet; just to go out the same way we came.

Hold your loved ones. For when you get to the end of your life, you will realize that everything that you’ve ever wanted, has been right in front of you the whole time.

Written by

Missy Marilyn

Still working on it.