by Missy Marilyn

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seasons change poem

Seasons- A Poem About Embracing Change

The seasons change, but we like to stay the same. It’s taken me too many revolutions to see how this endless dance of endings and beginnings Is not just for our viewing pleasure. Rather, it’s God’s hidden message. Like secret instructions, planted to prove to us in the most beautiful and awesome way; And to …

woman doing hand heart sign

12 Life Lines for Tough Times

Since the years seem to pass more quickly when I’m not paying attention, I sat back and took stock of all the gifts one year brought me. I jotted down these twelve powerful little tid-bits that get me through some of the tough times. Because, sometimes we need to talk to ourselves like we are …

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Faith Family

Birthday Wishes

Since I’m still feeling some birthday vibes, and it’ll likely be another year before I feel like celebrating myself, I’m going to share this thought I had the other day. Pause and Stop the Birthday Wishing It’s so cliché; and we say it enthusiastically, “Make a wish!” I propose that for our big-girl birthdays, from …



When I started this website ten years ago, I called it “Glimmers”. Let me tell you why that made sense. Because at twenty-something, I could only see glimmers of truth. We did so much to keep ourselves busy, to distract ourselves. We stayed so busy, it drowned out most of reality, most of the truth. …