I’ve spent a lifetime being quiet. But I feel like I can’t do that any longer. Because there’s a time to be quiet, and there’s a time to get mad. I have a lifetime full of friends that are suffering right now, who are extremely uncomfortable at all of this, and I’m going to say it, America, who are fearing for their sons. If I want to stay quiet about all of this, I should open up my heart’s Rolodex, and write each one of these friends an apology. But, since that solves nothing, and I’m not about to do that, instead, I’m diverting that energy into these passages, in hopes to change the world around our kids and make sure it’s as safe for their kids as it is for mine. Our children didn’t create this problem; and I’d sure be glad if it didn’t exist for them like it did for our parents, and now, for us.

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My fellow Americans, if you are silent on the murders, please don’t comment on the riots.

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A Time to Get Mad

I’m tired, folks. I’m tired of all the hate. I’m fed up with all the ugliness. And I’m mad. I watched the video. It’s infuriating. You know what else is infuriating… When I see our country being torn to shreds by hate, and ripped apart at the seams over our differences, our beautiful differences. I’m mad that George Floyd had to lose his life for us to listen up about police brutality. I’m mad that some moms don’t get to kiss their babies goodnight because of school shootings. I’m mad that there are still kids sleeping in cages. I remember them every night as I tuck my two year old in under her princess blanket that shields her as she sleeps. I weep at each Amber Alert that turns out to be some mother who tossed her two year old in the trash, or drowned her sick kid, or some un-fatherly figure who violates the children or beat their brains in and hid the body. I’m so mad that kids fall through the cracks with state agencies and wind up beaten to death on the news. I’m so mad at how many kids get left in cars each summer, to asphyxiate to death, alone and forgotten. I’m so mad at how many kids die unattended in pools every year. I’m so mad when people I love have to live in shadows of some sort or other. I’m so mad when bullies win. I’m so mad that we think these things are normal.

We all have a little room to give. You’ve all seen it. When push comes to shove, or there’s a disaster, we suddenly can make room for a few more. People suddenly have more they’re willing to spare. Because we’re people, dang it, and we’re human! Can’t we give it now, just up front? Just, special assess everybody a little more kindness, a little more patience, a little more love? I know it might impede on everyone’s comfort zone an inch or two, but American lives are at stake. To save our country, I would give it, wouldn’t you?

Written by

Missy Marilyn

Still working on it.