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Only once have I seen a cowboy cry.

Laugh at his joke, and you might see a twinkle in his eye,

Damsel in distress, you’ve never seen a cowboy stronger.

Have words with anyone who’d try to wrong her.

After a particularly bad day,

You might hear a cowboy pray.

Pay him a compliment, and you might see a cowboy blush.

A humble man doesn’t make a fuss…

Though if you insult him, you might hear a cowboy cuss.

Poke him in the chest, you’ll see a cowboy stand taller.

Never raised his voice, never had to holler.

Strike him, and he might turn up his chin,

and probably dare you to do that shit again.

If you offer him lunch, he’d say, “I can’t, the wife is cookin’.”

Always does the right thing, even when no one’s lookin’.

Ask him a question, he’ll tell you more than you bargained for.

Always finds a joke, if someone opens the door.

You’ve never seen a cowboy work harder.

I made him laugh, he said, “you remind me of my daughter.

She went for a bath once, and never came out of the water.”

I’ll never forget that day,

I’ll always wonder why he said it that way.

But I won’t forget the pain that peeked through,

The bright light he always exudes,

Turns out cowboys have a weakness, too.

His little girls bring a tear to his eyes.

Even when he left, this super guy.

He didn’t so much fall, as much as fly.

Still, only once have I seen a cowboy cry.

Written by

Missy Marilyn

Still working on it.