This is my dad. He loves to play the piano. He plays the piano like people should live life. He plays straight from the heart. You know how I know that? Because his memory is pretty much shot, stolen from him partially by illness and the rest, by the medicines he had to take to control the illness. Here’s what my dad has taught me about people.

  • People with bad memories don’t lie much.
  • If you care about people first, you have taken care of the most precious thing in the world, and God smiles on those.
  • Everything, everything, everything is about how you treat people.
  • Faith is a force larger than life and earth and will sustain you beyond what your very breath will take you.
  • Faith gives life to every day, and fuel for purpose.
  • People with bad memories mean what they say because they don’t have time for pretending.
  • These people love intensely, because they have to live in the moment.
  • This is weird for most people, because we are not raised to be honest about our feelings, to begin with.
  • These people may be labeled as “emotional”.
  • Love is a universal language.
  • If you love someone, tell them, because there is no time for “later”.
  • Courtesy is a language, too.
  • If you want to be well thought-of, one must first be well-spoken.
  • Everything can be fixed with love and patience, or at least it seems that way because when you prioritize love and patience, everything else doesn’t really matter as much in the overall scheme of things.
  • Whatever you do, do it as best as you can; and when you know better, do it better.
  • One must always, always, think of the other person first.

Living and loving freely is liberating. Strange to most people, but it’s refreshing when you meet someone like this. Love them and take care of them. Let them be an example to us. Let us live life from the heart, because there is not enough time for much else.



Written by

Missy Marilyn

Still working on it.